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Chemical new material will be the sweet pastry of investment

  China Chemical newspaper reporter on January 20, we have heard from China petrochemical association, the association participated chemical new material industrial investment fund is under preparation. The fund will focus on investment in the national supported key chemical new material projects which is in high demand in domestic market, with independent intellectual property, high added value. It supports the development of private enterprises and chemical new materials enterprises go abroad. The goal is to boost its self-sufficiency rate of key chemical new material varieties can be more than 80% through playing a guiding role and the multiplier effect of the funds during the period of "13th five-year plan".

  Association of China petrochemical president Mr.Li Shousheng pointed out that at present our country has been able to produce a dozen of categories, thousands of varieties of new chemical materials products, which are are widely used in electronics, electrical, and other key areas, but there is still a large gap with the developed country in overall it is still stood in low level and high performance products and high-end brands still rely on importation. Data shown that in 2014 the self-sufficiency rate of China chemical new material was 62%, including its self-sufficiency rate of engineering plastics, high-end polyolef plastic products was less than 50%.

  The insiders points out that the speed-up development of chemical industry new materials shall be the priority for all industries structural adjustment optimization and supply side structural reform during the period of "13th five-year plan". Thus establishment of a chemical new material industrial investment fund is a must. Beijing Lanfeng capital management Co., LTD. head thinks that chemical new material is capital-intensive industry, from product development to the plant construction, market cultivation and application promotion, which need a lot of money. At present, the industry enterprises generally has high liability ratio of assets, partial small and medium-sized enterprises even more than 90%, which seriously restricted the industry rapid and sound development.

  According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2014, in China there are thousands of all kinds of chemical new materials production enterprises, including more than 60% of private enterprises. Due to the professionals of new chemical materials, and capital supply and demand is asymmetry, part of the enterprise's financing channel is relatively limited. Relative to the state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, especially small and medium-sized private enterprises is very difficult to get loans from the bank, money demand is more and more big, the source is more and more tight, which become a realistic contradictions and headache. Compared to bank loans, industrial investment fund provide longer period of time, and it do not need to pay the interest on a regular basis, it belong to the long-term equity investment, which is favored by the small and medium-sized private enterprises.

  According to the preliminary design scheme, the fund total sum is temporarily set at 5 billion RMB, international standard fund management mode will be applied to management, funds mainly is focused on special synthetic rubber, engineering plastics, high-performance fiber, fluorine silicon materials, biodegradable materials, functional membrane materials, functional macro-molecular materials and composite materials, etc.

  Petrochemical industrial planning institute dean assistant, chemical materials department expressed that under the leading of industry funds, up to 2020 our country self-sufficiency rate of high performance resin, special rubber, high performance fiber, functional membrane materials and electronic chemicals is expected to be 83%, 80%, 92%, 80% and 66%, in overall reached more than 80%. Based on domestic, achieve self-sufficiency, chemical new materials will be splendid during the period of "13th five-year plan", and become the main engine for the industry transformation and upgrading and the first card of from large to strong.

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