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China building materials industry annual economic forum held in Beijing

  On November 3, the China building materials industry annual economic forum held in Beijing, forum is taken "transformation and upgrading" as the theme, representatives from 50 industrial organizations and 500 companies discussed and planned the great historical transformation together through the speeches and dialogues about the topics which accumulates the wisdom of the industry, from improving the social service function, building collaborative platform and realizing the sustainable development, the practice of "one belt one road" and "made in China 2025", two modernizations integration, "Internet+" etc. targeted in multi-angle for screening the direction of the transformation and upgrading, path and goals,and promoting the transformation and upgrading of Chinese building materials industry into a higher level.

  China building materials federation president Mr. Qiao Longde gave a speech and systematically expounds the direction of the building materials industry transformation and upgrading, path and goals, and envisions the transformation and upgrading road map for the whole industry. He said that the country's current building materials industry new products, technology development is insufficient, the excess of capacity continues, economic benefit is downward. To solve these problems, the enterprises has to do something, one must take environmental protection as the prerequisite, set up green evaluation system, speed up scientific and technological innovation and realize the transformation and upgrading. Under the new situation,science and technology innovation in the building materials industry should be done for resolving excessive capacity, and continue to restrict increment.

  The national development and reform commission, the planning division chief Mr. Xu Lin said in speech that  under the new situation of the traditional economic momentum going weak, an unprecedented level of innovation as the first motivation for the development.

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